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Welcome to the web page for the Button City arcade! I am Corozo Button, the owner of the arcade. The kids at the arcade told me it was time to put Button City on the “Net”. I am told that is cool slang for “internet” -- pretty nifty, no? Ho ho! Feel free to “click” and “scroll” around!

Pink Arcade Machine
Purple Arcade Machine
Green Arcade Machine


I opened Button City over 25 years ago, when there was a little less grey in my whiskers. I always loved arcade games and wanted to bring them to my hometown so all the kids and their families could enjoy them too!

When I started out, we only had 3 games - Moonlander, Space Tennis, and SuperRace. But soon, folks were lining up to play, and we were able to expand to the two floors of games you see today, including a prize counter and snack bar. We’ve even entered the new millennium with Pal Points cards -- neat plastic cards you can store all your tickets for prizes on!

Button City has always been run by little old me, but lately I’ve had some part-time hires helping me out. Like Basil, the kind young man who showed me how to get this website “on line”.

Button City Exterior
Button City's 20th Anniversary

Snack Bar Menu

Pizza tomato sauce and rice-based cheese!
Popcorn freshly popped daily!
Curly fries extra curly, fried in peanut oil
Popstar© Soda original, sour apple, rose, lemon-lime
Popstar© Drinks pink lemonade, apple juice
Super Gobaberry Soda ** available for a limited time! **